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Dear One,

I don’t want you to spend another moment believing that you are anything less than fabulous. After over a decade of coaching women from all walks of life, I noticed something profound:

No matter how successful or beautiful or smart a woman is, on some level she is being WAY too hard on herself.

This pattern of beating ourselves up for the tiniest imperfection or even our biggest failures isn’t doing us any good. It eats away at our self-love, self-esteem and self-respect. It holds us back from making the impact in the world that we want to have. It leaves us feeling unsure, beat down and worn out.

I call the negative thoughts in our heads like “I’m not enough” “I don’t measure up” or “It’s too late for me” Big Fat Lies and I’m ready for you to wake up to the TRUTH  about your worth, your value and your magnificence.

That’s why I wrote my book, Big Fat Lies Women Tell Themselves: Ditch Your Inner Critic and Wake Up Your Inner Superstar, and that’s also why I put together this fabulous Inner Superstar Kit to get you started today!

Uncover the Big Fat Lies you’re telling yourself…and the TRUTH about how to break free!


In this transformation starter kit, you’ll uncover the big fat lies that are holding you back. Plus you’ll learn a powerful proven process to hear your Inner Wisdom and wake up your Inner Superstar.

You will:

  • feel a sense of power and peace

  • inspire yourself to new levels of self love and self compassion

  • notice your Inner Critic’s dirty tricks so you can stop her in her tracks

  • feel inspired to transform your inner dialogue into a self-nurturing one

Here’s exactly what you will receive in this kit:

  • An mp3 download of my powerful visualization called “Awaken Your Inner Superstar” to unlock your inner truth so you can feel connected anytime you’d like.

  • A step by step Big Fat Lies guide to uncover the Lies your Inner Critic is beating you up with so you can get those lies out of the shadows and into the light. Get ready for a strong dose of TRUTH.

  • My three step transformation process and transformation one-sheet that you can use anytime you’re feeling a negative emotion. This powerfully simple process has been developed and refined over the past 11+ years of coaching to create maximum impact.

PLUS, to motivate even more you to say YES to this kit so you can shine bright, I’m also including these bonuses:

  • An mp3 download of my celebrated Wake Up to your Deeper Wisdom Tele-SeminarThis tele-seminar was given live in front of hundreds of inspired callers and will teach you how to let go of your Inner Critic or Inner Mean Girl and tap into your Inner Wisdom.

  • An mp3 download of the inspiring Women Masters call with featured teacher of The Secret, Oprah Guest and Best Selling Author, Lisa Nichols—this will give you a full 60 minutes of inspiration that will reverberate in your heart and soul for YEARS to come!

You’ll feel inspired and awaken your Inner Superstar so you can shine bright!

Won’t you join me and an incredible community of like-minded souls who are part of the Inner Superstar Revolution? I’m committed to supporting women to overcome the self-sabotaging, negative thoughts that swirl around in our heads.

I’m taking a stand for you to wake up to the TRUTH about how fabulous you are!

With love,









Amy Ahlers, The Wake-Up Call Coach

CEO of Wake-Up Call


P.S. I’m so excited to share with you all the things I’ve learned from life coaching people from all walks of life for over a decade. It would be an honor to welcome you into my community of over 43k souls and support you in shining bright!

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